Music Playlist for: Airman

Name Play Duration
Rise Above It

3:33 min
I Believe I Can Fly
R. Kelly

5:28 min
I'll Fly Away
Jars of Clay

4:43 min
Shooting Star
Owl City

4:07 min
These Hard Times

3:37 min
Maybe They're On to Us

3:11 min
Cages (Album Version)
Deas Vail

5:08 min
08 To The Sky
3:17 min
Skin and Bones

4:02 min
Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue Part 1
Jason Gray

3:30 min

By: Brett O’Dell, period 6

  1. Rise Above It (Switchfoot)- This song has an obvious connection to flight, which is the main theme of the book. Also, at one point in the book, Connor (the Airman) is about to fly his glider to steal from a diamond mine: the prison that had held him for so long. Connor’s friend tells Connor that theft is beneath him. Connor replies that ‘everything is beneath me’.
  2. I Believe I Can Fly (R. Kelly)- this song could have been written for this book. (More likely it was the inspiration for it.)
  3. I’ll Fly Away (traditional hymn)-This is his attitude toward his final escape (though he’s more desperate). One way or the other he will fly away.
  4. Shooting Star (Owl City)- Maybe a bit to cheerful for this book, but other that that it carries several similarities to the themes in the book, including flight, escape, and resistance o people trying to hold him down.
  5. These Hard Times (needtobreath)-Connor did indeed go through hard times. Also, after escape, he was having trouble finding answers, or a path.(Like in this song.)
  6. Maybe They’re on to us (needtobreath)- This book is centered around a conspiracy, and the suspicion in this song fits the story well.
  7. Cages (Deas Veil)- This song fits his unjust prison sentence well. The trapped, almost panicky feeling. I might have misheard it, but I even think I heard a couple of verses about flying away from our bonds.
  8. To the Sky (Owl City)- when Connor flies properly for the first time, this song might as well be playing in the background. Now, he is completely free, and truly happy for the first time in years.
  9. Skin and Bones (Switchfoot)- The ‘I’m not afraid to die’ theme is a theme from the book, as is the feeling of being lost. Also, this is a good song, mood wise, for the middle part of the story.
  10. Every Thing Sad is Coming Untrue (Jason Gray)-This is a very good song for the end of the book even though not everything sad came untrue, life was improved a lot for the main character and his family, and it improved very quickly. On a side note, this song may have been inspired by Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, when Sam says, ”First I thought you where dead, then I thought I was dead. Is everything sad going to come untrue?”